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Smart Locker Applications

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Sarah Lee
Smart Locker Applications

You may have heard about our smart locker systems, but don’t understand how they work or what their purpose is. We’ve been fiercely working on integrating smart lockers into our software and promoting ways in which they can be used. We’ve spent hours going over the possibilities of what can be shared through these lockers and the best way to accommodate how people want to use them.

So how do these lockers work? Using the Koloni app, you can unlock a smart locker and use whatever product is stored inside. Parks and Rec Departments may set up several at public parks that contain sports equipment. Property managers could use them to share tools with residents of their complex. Libraries and coffee shops have the ability to share laptop chargers, noise-canceling headphones, and cameras. The perk is that using these lockers to share items is completely hands-free. Sure, your local library could rent out equipment at the main desk, but what if you and your friends want to rent equipment when they’re closed? The lockers grant 24/7 access and free up the responsibilities of employees. The lockers also collect data on users to see what equipment is used the most, peak usage times, and where the products are taken to be used.

But the possibilities don’t stop there. Smart lockers can be used for private usage as well. Municipalities could set up empty lockers in public spaces, like at a beach or swimming pool, where you can use one to securely leave your valuables as you swim. You could order a locker for private use and have one set up near your garage for delivery services to safely leave your packages. Our lockers are designed to share and to be secure on both public and private scales.

These are some of the ideas we’ve considered and discussed. We know that as our lockers start rolling out, there will be even more innovative ways to use them. If you have questions or would like to order lockers for yourself and/or your community, contact us today!