About Koloni 

At Koloni we have a passion to be a leader in a more sustainable and efficient world.  We work with cities and companies to help simplify our lives by integrating the way we move and connect to objects throughout our cities.  Being in operations for almost 2 years we have created a bike share using an app with a Bluetooth smart lock and GPS.  Our newest product which is one of a kind is the Koloni Kube, it allows user to rent recreational equipment from the same app and Bluetooth technology as our bike share.  Our vision is to have people download one app and be connected to a city in a way no other company is thinking about! With our services, they could have access to rent bikes, footballs, basketballs, Frisbees, and more. There is no doubt in our minds we are building the greatest company of its kind, offering the finest products and services available anywhere.  When you are part of the Koloni team, you are part of the future, part of an opportunity to grow professionally and to reach your potential while enjoying your work.  


Marketing Intern

Position Summary

This is an exciting opportunity for a creative individual to showcase their talent.  With our new product, The Koloni Kube, being one of a kind we are essentially looking to hand you a blank canvas so you can create your own marketing campaign that matches our companies brand.  We will also be looking for updated material on our bike share program as well.  This could include flyers, one pagers, brochures, marketing materials for new cities, and more.  A successful candidate will have the opportunity to work part time during the fall semester.

Specific Responsibilities Include

  • Design creative materials for distribution

  • Develop and create content to post on platforms

  • Stay up to date with changing trends and think strategically about how to implement best practices

  • Work with clients to development marketing material for their communities or business

  • Assist in revamping the Website

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Enrollment in a Bachelor’s degree program

  • Knowledge and experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Knowledge with Wordpress is a plus

  • Microsoft Office Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to take the lead on projects with some guidance

Apply by submitting your resume and cover letter to Brian Dewey, CEO <brian@kolonishare.com>.  Koloni, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Software Engineer

Posting Coming Soon

Government Policy Director

Posting Coming Soon

Apply by submitting your resume and cover letter to Brian Dewey, CEO <brian@kolonishare.com>.  Koloni, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.