Manage your system with ease. Compass provides a quick snapshot into your program.

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Managing your assets, tracking revenues and engaging with your users has never been easier. Operate on the fly with our Compass mobile applications.

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Delivery Drivers can Quickly Assign Access

Accessing rentable items to your food order has never been easier. Delivery drivers now can place the food in our locker and assign access to the customer in seconds. Saving delivery drivers up to 78% reduction in time.

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Your Management Tool in Your Pocket!

Owners and operators are always on the run. We built a tool to manage your fleet or locker system 24/7 and 365. It makes it easy to manage your assets on a daily basis and always know their status.

Compass Features

Report Issues

User can report issues during a transaction and you can respond in minutes. Great customer service

Asset Management

Manage assets using multiple viewing options and manage multiple asset types at one time.

Transaction Manager

You have complete control of user transactions and user engagement. View details of each transaction.

Our Other Products

Our Native App is Seamless & Simple

Our native iOS and Android applications enable users to access bikes, kayaks, lockers and so much more. (white label options available)


The Locker App for Food & Retail Pick-up

Assign a locker to a person by sending an automated text message. The text message will become the key to unlocking and access a food or retail pick-up.

Management Software Connecting Products and People

Our management tools enable customers to easily track revenue, engage with users and manage assets in real time.


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