A Community Bike Share Program

Together We Ride!

The Fox Valley Regional Program provides affordable bikes to unlock in the communities of Batavia, Elgin, Aurora, & Montgomery.

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A Regional Program

The regional program creates a network of 10 different locations in the western suburbs to pick up a bike. Focusing on increasing access to the beautiful Fox Valley Trail System.

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Download and Scan the QR Code

Every bike can be rented by quickly downloading the app and scanning the QR code of each bike. This will unlock the back tire and you can be off on the trail in seconds!

Connect Features

Hardware Integrations

Our platform is design to connected quickly to a variety of products and application uses.


Manage assets using multiple viewing options and manage multiple asset types at one time.

Transaction Manager

You have complete control of user transactions and user engagement. View details of each transaction.

Our Software Suite

Our Native App is Seamless & Simple

Our native iOS and Android applications enable users to access bikes, kayaks, lockers and so much more. (white label options available)


The Locker App for Food & Retail Pick-up

Assign a locker to a person by sending an automated text message. The text message will become the key to unlocking and access a food or retail pick-up.

Management Software Connecting Products and People

Our management tools enable customers to easily track revenue, engage with users and manage assets in real time.


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