A simple text message and your customer will be notified their order is ready to be picked up in a locker!

The Two Click App

We believe in owning less. Accessing items on demand is here to stay. You can now provide the products users need "on demand" by simply scanning a QR code.

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Access to Products is Now Faster!

Accessing rentable items to your food order has never been easier. Once your order is ready you will receive an SMS message confirming your order is ready and locker location. The text message will provide you a unique URL to unlock your locker.

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Integrate with our API and make it seamless!

Our integration process is simple for Pick-up. We will help you connect to your existing POS or ordering software and you will be off to the races!

Pick-up Features

API Integration

A simple API integration will make adding a locker to your existing business with ease.

Two Click Unlock

Frictionless pick-up makes it easy for your customers to grab their orders on the go!

OTP Messaging

Connecting to your customers is now easy. Once their order is placed a quick message will confirm.

Our Software Suite

Our Native App is Seamless & Simple

Our native iOS and Android applications enable users to access bikes, kayaks, lockers and so much more. (white label options available)


The Locker App for Food & Retail Pick-up

Assign a locker to a person by sending an automated text message. The text message will become the key to unlocking and access a food or retail pick-up.

Management Software Connecting Products and People

Our management tools enable customers to easily track revenue, engage with users and manage assets in real time.


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