Micro-Mobility Made Easy

Quickly deploy your bikes, e-bikes, or scooters in just minutes. Set pricing, parking locations and add your team members to help you manage.
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Integrated Partners

We have integrated the industry leaders into one simple platform. Giving flexibility for fleets of types and sizes.

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Manage Your Fleet Anywhere, Anytime!

Our web management software and operator applications allow you to manage your fleet and customers from your phone or computer. Our software tools will save you over 50% in operation time!

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Our Features

We have developed a suite of software tools that will take the pain out of managing your own shared fleet. You have control to customize the user's experience by creating memberships, set pricing and draw geofenced locations.

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Create a Multi-Modal Fleet in Your City!

You have the power to create a local eco-system of connected modes of mobility. You can even start with a small pilot fleet and expand as rapidly as you wish!

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Excellent  4.7 out of 5

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A Community Project

I deployed a 10 bike fleet in Tupelo, MS. It has been a great amenity for the community and its exciting to watch community members enjoy their bike rides around the community.

Ethan Nolan
King City Cycles

A Great Amenity

I use the e-bikes at my apartment daily. Its a great amenity and there are always bikes available. Not having a car was difficult at times until Koloni showed up!

Jessica Lance
A Happy User

Easy to Use

I thought operating my own bike share fleet with take a lot of work. I was nervous at the beginning but my fleet of 40 bikes is so simple to maintain and manage daily. It provided me the ability to expand my services to the tourists that are here daily. Users can rent multiple bikes and I can customize the hourly pricing on the run if I need to!

Bill Hansen
Coastal Blue Bikes

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