ONI Lock

We make any locker smart in just seconds.


The ONI lock can mount to any existing locker or cabinet. The BTLE and 4G LTE connectivity makes it the smartest lock for lockers.

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Food. Parcel. Rentals.

You have control of your data. Analyze your performance, identify which locations are performing better than others. Find out what time of day people are renting. All on a simple dashboard.

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Under the Hood.

Size: 7.2”x7.2”x1.1”
Connectivity: BTLE + 4G
Lock: spring latch
Power: 20,000MaH
Life: 50,000 transactions

Connected Tools

White Label Platform

Create a small bank of lockers at a restaurant or delivery locations. The flexibility of the lockers enable the lockers to be mounted anywhere and accessed by anyone.


Flexible for Access of Different Products.

We are always searching to gain access to specific products at specific times. Our locker provides public or private access to products when you need them.

Management Software Connecting Products and People

Our management tools enable customers to easily track revenue, engage with users and manage assets in real time.


ONI Features


Our modular design enables you to stack lockers in different configurations

Battery Powered

Plug into a wall or our solar panel and you are ready to go!

Bluetooth & Cellular

The flexibility of our lock enables to you better customize.

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