On-Demand Access is taking over the rental industry. Enabling "things" to be rented and shared for the first time. Our hardware and software tools enable rentals of all types.

On-Demand Rentals

The trends for renting over buying continues. We eliminate the barriers by developing seamless applications for users to quickly unlock and start renting.

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Management Platform

The Connect software tool + the compass app makes it easy to manage any asset, anywhere. You can change your pricing structure, track transaction, and engage with users in real time.

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Integrated Locks

Koloni is integrated with a variety of third party lock providers. Giving our customers options to best fit their needs. Industry leading IoT partners that give our partners the reliability they need.

Rental Features

Referrals & Promos

Use our tools to promote your rental business. Share promo codes and 2-way referral programs

Customize Pricing

Create hourly and membership pricing structures to fit your business's needs.

Engage with Users

Reach out to your user base to receive feedback. Gain valuable insights into what you can improve on.

Rental Tools

Compass App

Manage your assets on the fly. Troubleshoot and remote unlock devices. Respond to reported issues by users and put an asset into repair mode. The Compass app keeps it simply.


White Label User App

Our white label solutions allows our customers to take control of their brand. We will use your branding requirements and put a new app on the app store.

API Integrations

Our Oni lock API makes it simple for any company to quickly integrate into an existing application. Enabling you to share or rent anything!


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