The  On-Demand Access Platform.

Koloni empowers businesses to connect with their customers by using simple,
on-demand access solutions.

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A Smart Lock for Any Locker.

Our programmable smart lock enables a variety of applications. The first lock for deliveries, sharing, and storage. The Cellular + BTLE connectivity makes it the smartest, most flexible lock on the market. No wires, no complex installation.

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Delivery. Rental. Storage. Flexible.

Connect your Stripe or Braintree account to quickly monetize your transactions. Our white label applications enable you to customize the user experience for your application.

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Our Features

Whether you are starting a bike share, a delivery service fleet or a smart locker system. Our features enable you to customize the experience with ease. You can create memberships, customize pricing, add new products in a blink of an eye!

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Our Suite of Tools are First in Class

Our partner management tools and end user applications provides flexibility for a variety of different products. We provide external APIs and white labeling options to further customize your project.

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What People Are Saying!

This company lets small towns have bike shares, too

In many cases, towns see bike-share programs as a way to help attract new residents. “For a lot of these small towns, a real big pain point for them has been losing population for decades,” he says. “And now they’re all talking about trying to compete to keep millennials in their town, or trying to get millennials to move back to their town, and how to develop infrastructure to recruit these millennials. This is a very low-cost, effective way of adding to that.”

Koloni launches Smart Locker allowing contactless delivery

The Smart Locker, which combines a physical, multi-compartment storage locker and software, gives delivery drivers the ability to pick up and deliver orders without any face-to-face interaction.The technology makes it possible for small businesses to function safely during the pandemic as they begin to open back up with limited capacities.


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